Easy Living, LLC has been providing residential services since 2002. We are proud of the fact that we support individuals to live and participate in their communities as safely and as independently as possible. We believe strongly in participating in ones community and assisting the residents in participating in activities in their community. We provide a full range of service from Drop-In services to total support 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We work closely with each of the 8 County Boards of Develpmental Disabilities. All of the individuals we serve must be eligible for and receive services from their local County Board of Develpomental Disabilities. In order to receive services from Easy Living, LLC, you must first contact your Service and Support Administrator at the County Board and ask that he/she contact Easy Living, LLC as a possible provider of services. If we do no think that we can offer you exactly what you are looking for, we will relay that information to you so that you can find a provider to meet your particular needs.

We have annual satisfaction surveys from the parents/guardians, County Boards, and the individuals we serve that you are welcome to review. We also have individuals and guardians who are willing to talk to you concerning Easy Living, LLC and our services.

Some of the items we have received positive feedback from indiviudals and families over the years that set us apart from other providers include:

– We have monthly staff meetings at our 24 hour homes which include residents, staff, County Board SSA’s, and parent/guardians. We feel that this keeps everyone on the same page and results in better communication and better provision of services.

– If we assign a staff person to work with you and it is not a good match (you don’t get along, etc) we will assign a different staff person. We realize that as human beings we all have preferences, likes/dislikes in all our relationships.

– For our 24 hour homes, we contribute to the grocery account so staff may eat meals with the residents. We feel this time is important for role modeling, socialization, etc.

– For our Drop-In clients we like to have at least one other person trained to provide you services, just in case your provider becomes ill or has an emergency. We do not like to cancel or postpone services.

– We have a 24-7 Emergency Number that is answered by only two people, so in an emergency you only have to call one number and you will know the person you are talking to and more importantly they will know you.

– We’ve supported individuals we server to take vacations to various places such as, The Mall of America, Niagra Falls, Florida, Dollywood, Grand Ole Opry, a cruise, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.